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Unlike traditional exchanges and SSP’s where mostly remnant inventory from publishers gets monetized, BidsXchange works in a very different way. We deal with the publishers directly, and acquire ATF fixed spot placements on those sites. Because of this, your campaigns get to showcase on the first frequency of every user on those sites and tastes a very unique and niche audience that otherwise may not be available through an open exchange.


Why pay a media agency when we do the heavy lifting for you. From creative designing to media planning and execution, Streamlyn takes care of whatever it takes to make your campaign a success and provides you with the best possible ROI for your media spend. We also provide you a post campaign analysis report after every campaign that you successfully ran with us so that you know your dollars were not wasted.


Trying to sell a product or service, let Streamlyn take care of your sales pitch. At Streamlyn, we study your product and based on the data we receive from our product study team, we predict its target audience. We then start with a prospecting campaign targeted to the audience who are interested in products of the same category. Once the system gathers enough data, we help you reach out to those window shoppers who went to the cart but never bought the product, thus increasing your sales opportunities and decreasing cost per acquisition.


We live in a digital era where users are constantly engaged on different devices throughout the day. At Streamlyn we understand the user’s appetite for content across different devices and channels. Therefore, we strongly believe that the message you want to put across should reach all users no matter on what device or content they are engaging. This is the reason we empower our advertisers & buyers to reach their audience and put across the message on any device and media type the user is interested.


At Streamlyn, we are very particular about the inventory that flows through BidsXchange. All the publishers need to go through a mandatory audit before getting onboard. If the publisher sends impressions with its existing tag from a different domain, that new domain will be on pending audit status. Upon verification by our human domain auditing team, the impressions will be passed on to our buyers. We also employ our antifraud filter along with third party vendors to block any arising suspicious or non-human traffic in real-time before it reaches our exchange.


Domain transparency is one of the major issues that all media buyers are facing with other exchanges. It’s very difficult for a buyer to know where exactly their ads are getting served even though they are paying a premium price for it. We understand the concern and try to make every domain visible to the buyers so that they know where exactly their ads are appearing.


Starting from holiday travelers to christmas shoppers, we have a unique package for every marketer and media buyer. We offer different inventory packages to advertisers customizable as per their requirement. The inventory packages can be based on the content category, user data, demography, income, and other targeting attributes. All the publishers involved in this process are premium with brand-safe content.


We do not go by the conventional third party audience targeting and rather gather first party data from all our publishers. Our audience segments contain data ranging from what users have searched on their website to their subscription, age, gender, and interest. This provides us an immense advantage over others to give better campaign performance, increased sales and targeting the ads to the right audience.


If your ads are not viewed, it’s not worth spending no matter how good your media plan is. At Streamlyn, we believe viewability and user engagement are the prime identifiers to measure the success of a campaign and thus we make sure our publishers place us on their above the fold placements. Our server has the capability to detect whether an ad was viewable completely and if not, of what percentage it was. Depending on this data, we reach out to publishers addressing this issue if it exists. We work on a guaranteed 85% viewable ads across all the websites and we don’t just self-proclaim. We use third-party vendors to validate our promise of a better viewable and fraud free ecosystem.