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Mobile advertising is in boom and has been growing at a rate of more than 50% year on year. In 2019, it is expected to account for more than 61% of total online media spend. Keeping these stats in mind, it is very important for any advertiser to reach those eyeballs which are pointed towards their personalized devices.

Mobile advertising can be broadly divided into Web and App advertising. Streamlyn supports the below functionalities for publishers to serve advertisements on a mobile environment.

JavaScript tag | MRAID Tags | Light weight SDK | API Integration | VAST/VPAID 2.0 & 3.0

Being directly connected to publishers apps & websites we have the ability to reach your audience on a wider spectrum and with much granular targeting capabilities otherwise not available to an exchange. There are various reasons on why you should consider mobile in your media buying strategy and planning.


Users in this era are constantly engaged with their mobile devices and with this ever-changing ecosystem, running a mobile campaign increases your reach and brings new prospects and sales opportunities.


Mobile campaigns have the capability to target users based on their exact location and serve the campaigns based on exactly what they are looking for in that area. So, you could reach your prospects precisely next to your competitor’s store.


Users are constantly updating their social media feeds, checking emails, browsing sites, and looking for a whole lot of stuff throughout the day. With so many data points and online behavior getting tracked everyday, we could deliver your message to the right audience at the right time and to the right place..


Since with mobile devices the users are interacting the most, its gives us the leverage to target and deliver your message across a user base who are interested in products and services similar to yours and this results in a very high user interaction and engagement across different industries.


In today’s world, it is inefficient to run a campaign only for desktop users as chances are that they will not receive the message for several hours until sitting down at their desk. Having Mobile in your media planning strategy creates awareness among users and gives your brand a reputation.