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We maximize publisher's revenue through advanced yield optimization technologies, analytical management tools, and granular reporting services. Our team of monetization experts together with our programmatic optimization engine enable you to reach optimal revenue results from all your website's placements. The system begins by evaluating your best performing revenue sources and your optimal eCPM’s daily. By introducing Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auction to our publisher’s inventory, the system evaluates the attributes of each impression to determine its precise value thus optimizing yield and maximizing revenue.


We provide you easy access to the high quality display, Video, Mobile, Native & In-Image advertisements by connecting you with all the major DSP’s, buyer networks and our direct advertisers. We have deals with almost all the major ad exchanges and manage strong relationship with hundreds of relevant companies around the world, which includes SSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Ad Networks, horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks etc. We manage all the operational overhead for you so that you don’t have to


Our targeting options enable brands to precisely reach their desired audience on your site, which in turn gives you more revenue and a better experience for your users. Our in-house algorithm matches the most relevant advertisers to the right users on your website based on the content, demographics, geography, and other parameters. We try to serve the best relevant ad for your users based on their online behavior and this results in great campaign performance for our buyers and vertically increases your inventory payouts.


Our target market is publishers and we strongly feel, it is in the account management area that they are being under-served. They have all the account management needs of large global corporations but do not typically get the kind of support they should from the large companies with whom they have historically dealt with. At Streamlyn, we want to demonstrate that there’s another way to look at it.


Although our in-house systems and 3rd party verification partners are constantly scanning creatives for bad players, we also have a quality team in place who constantly inspect creatives for malware and other content or behavior that would adversely affect your brand. To help publishers give their users the best experience, our human auditing team scans and categorizes creatives for sensitive content and blocks them real-time. Because we value your brand safety, we take no ad for granted.


With BidsXchange, we give you the total control of your ad serving choice. You will know who is exactly buying your inventory starting from DSP, Buyer, and advertiser level. Although we try to give you the best advertisers that suits your brand, we also give you the option to block any advertiser or brand from appearing on your website. Your account manager will help you to stop the kind of advertisements you are unwilling to run on your websites and will block the same from our end so that they don’t show up in future.


All the publishers working with us are allocated with a dedicated account manager. They hold the ultimate responsibility to cater and assist all our publishers during their business relationship with Streamlyn. Your account manager will be an expert in his or her field and will be fully trained in all areas of the publisher management. There won’t be an anonymous voice at the end of a phone call when you contact Streamlyn. Along with this, part of their job is to visit publishers regularly either for scheduled formal account review or for informal catch-ups to discuss the revenue growth.


We release a quarterly performance report for all the publishers within the system with content and fold placement recommendations. It gives you the understanding of which placement on your website and what type of content gained traction within buyers during last quarter. Our account managers also get in touch with all publishers helping them understand the report and explain what content type they should be more focused on along with the optimum positioning of placements for better viewability and higher eCPM’s.


Gone are the days when your operations team had to deal with separate tags from separate networks/exchanges for separate media types. With Streamlyn, just a single code could enable Display, Mobile, Video, Native and In-image ads. Your choice of MediaType needs to be enabled for each placement and within minutes you are up and running with our BidsXchange technology.