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Display Banner advertising is a form of advertising that conveys a commercial message visually using Images, text, logos, gif’s other graphics. Display advertisers frequently target users with traits to increase the ads' effect. There are several benefits of why you should choose to run a display campaign.

Enormous Reach

Reach is defined by the number of users available online who can potentially see your advertisements. The Internet with its billions of users around the world has huge potential and with display ads, the reach is enormous. We serve close to 2 Billion ads monthly and when combined with contextual and other audience targeting tools available with Streamlyn, you can very well reach your audience in any part of the globe


Combining display advertisements along with your traditional methods of advertising can complete your branding circle. Display advertisements do not only give you 360-degree media coverage but also open new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand.


The ability to track feedback and user engagement from traditional forms of advertising are little complex and can be time taking. However, with online display advertisements, you can track every aspect of your campaign in real-time. With so many data points to track, you can be sure of where your campaign is performing and precisely target that channel.

Niche Targeting capability

With online display campaigns, you can reach your perfect audience and customize your campaign by using tools like contextual, language, demographic, Interest, topic, remarketing and many other. You could be sure that all your dollars spent on are getting returns.


Measurement is a crucial part for determining a campaign’s success. With online display advertisement, you could track a whole lot of parameters. Some of them are:

  • Reach: Total Number of users or audience your campaign reached.

  • Clickthru Rate: This indicates how many times your advertisement was clicked and showed interest on.

  • Visit Ratio: This indicates how many times your advertisement was clicked and the user landed on your website.

  • Conversion: How many users went to your site and either purchased a product or completed a form

Cost effective

When comparing with traditional media forms like billboards, Print, Radio TV etc., online display advertising is cost effective and drives more engagement resulting in a better ROI. There are billions of internet users around the world and you can reach your target audience with a much cost effecting media plan.