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1. Contextual Video Player

We offer strategically placed video ads with relevant content for your target customers. In a world where advertising platforms and technology are changing, you should not leave your customers to sieve through the internet sound.

Creating Contextual Videos for Publishers

Send specific, appropriate, and targeted messages that feed into the distinctive and relevant content that the customer needs. Grow your revenue while boosting your customer engagement through our effective video solutions.

With us, you will get high-quality video content for your blog or website. Also, we will help you create an improved user experience and increase time on your website.

Our full-stack video ad monetization help publishers earn high revenues. We help publishers promote their video ads based on their impressions across a premium inventory of ad space.

We guarantee viewability, quality, and brand safety making us one of the most reliable video advertising and publishing media companies. We have access to high-quality inventory covering different ad platforms which offer you a wider advertising reach.

Our videos are displayed based on what a user is reading. With our analysis, publishers can measure their campaigns. Our technology helps the user to build improved differentiation and target greater view and impression rates which, in turn, leads to maximum click-throughs.

We have an in-house team for curating video content not just in English, but in 11 different languages. We are not just responsible for designing the video, but when it comes to monetization, we are always ready with our unique strategies.

2. CTV applications development

Do you know your most important audiences are on CTV? Do you have a presence there?

Some publishers do not have a presence in the OTT space. For such publishers, we help them bring their products to the OTT platform. We help them launch their apps in OTT. We develop Smart TV apps for TV & OTT Operators.

We offer everything from a simple web player to AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc., application development. Our SDKs focus on security problems for premium content and helps to ensure that we receive all the important ad targeting information from every live stream play request. Also, we help viewers using iOS and Android to “play” the content in an enabled CTV device, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

People are choosing CTV.

TV is the all-time choice when it comes to long-term viewing. With customers increasing their time spent on CTV, now is the right time to reach more and more audiences in creative ways- and with us, you can even measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Focus on reliability and understand which messages bring results.

Create a customized, engaging campaign fueled with visions from the implementation of your marketing.  With our strong attribution and in-app event tracking, you will find how your CTV app campaign’s performance.

CTV App Measurement.

Merge our CTV App Measurement with Subscription Attribution to collect all the details about what your consumers are doing in your CTV app, what disturbs and what keeps them re-engaged.

3. SSAI integration for CTV

We help publishers better monetize their ads with SSAI integration (Server-Side Ad Insertion). It is dynamic ad insertion designed for a programmatic scale. Our SSAI technology is designed to manage the scale of programmatic advertising and to offer the best quality viewing experience.

Our videos are integrated with SSAI to offer a smooth user experience. When SSAI is not integrated, the video ads and the video content are delivered through various server pipelines, which can cause latency and buffering issues. It offers a buffer-less transition from the content to an ad, and then back to the content, giving the same user experience as TV.

We guarantee:

  • Best quality streaming- We optimize the video to deliver the best quality available to the user and to standardize content and ads into one seamless experience.
  • Ad Stitching- We include a stitched stream through a transcoding procedure that transforms it into an Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming setup. ABR can identify a user’s existing bandwidth and customize the stream to an ideal output.
  • Hugh-quality ads- Nothing is more disturbing than offering a bad user experience and losing ad revenue due to some technical errors. We focus on delivering the best quality ad.

4. Monetization of Web & App Inventory

We take the responsibility of monetizing web and Connected TV apps. Our monetization SDK delivers programmatic needs to your app with no extra work for the developers. Relax and let the future happen. The revenue you earn from in-stream advertising will help you to do what you are best at.

With our publisher solutions, you can create a new banner inventory and enjoy the benefits of higher CPMs from Rich-Media video banners. Now, publishers can monetize and manage different websites through a specific account. Our unique platform lets publishers monitor traffic and revenue.

We partner with you to recognize your unique requirements and help you with the tools you require to enhance the monetization potential of your assets.  Our automated selling products enable publishers with autonomy and access to special demand while maintaining a strong commitment towards quality and transparency.