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Get Ads that match the form and function of your website

Users prefer Ads that don't disrupt their content. Native Ads deliver contextually relevant sponsored content that fits the look and feel of your site.


Native advertising matches the form and function of any website which makes the ads look like editorial content and does not disrupt the content flow. Native ads blur the lines and division between organic and paid content thus it provides the user with immense user experience resulting in much higher CTR's and conversion rate

BidsXchange enable advertisers to dynamically place their native ads next to similar or related content on the web. Users are more likely to engage with a sponsored article that provides them with relevant new information rather than a traditional banner ad. Users also tend to share these content across different social media platforms because of their relevancy and information.

Native advertisements registered (35% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% higher lift for purchase intent responses than traditional banner Ads)


Streamlyn has a wide range of Native units available that advertisers and publishers can use to drive traffic and generate revenue. Below are the formats that can we used to display banner, text and Video ads.

In-feed Native Advertising

In-feed native advertising is the most widely used form of native Ad. The primary reason for it's wide adoption is it's "mobile-first" approach and ability to drive users to advertisers owned media properties.

Content Recommendation Widgets

Content discovery widgets are used to place ads at the bottom of any article. These are mostly used by publishers to drive users to their website as they get the option to present the user with a variety of content recommendation .

Standard IAB Formats

BidsXchange has the capability to display multiple ads or products within the standard IAB unit of pixels 300x250, 728x90 & 160x600. These are mostly used by advertisers as they the get to option to display multiple products within the same ad slot and thus giving the user more options to choose from while making an intent to purchase