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1. Native Widgets

Native advertising lets publishers earn maximum profit while focusing on user experience. Native ads match with the page’s content and design and thus are absorbed by a user more naturally.  The main solution for monetization using native ads is a content recommendation widget.

Publishers can expand their revenue system with our native videos. We modify our services to fit your requirements, from using your current video content to selling associated content. There are different ways to leverage this system to improve user experience and drive extra revenue.

Improve engagement and impressions- These ads are non-intrusive, so even if a customer does not like them, he might not mind their presence either.  This is the reason why users are 25% more likely to see native ads and 53% more likely to relate with them.


Publishers get more control with Native ads- Publishers have incorporated native ads as an essential tool in monetizing content across different devices and platforms. Native ads support important user actions without disturbing the UX, driving customers to important pages like sponsored content, video, and much more.


Reach your target audience- Native ads look as if they are a part of the content. If the user is not interested in them, he can simply ignore them.  These ads do not disturb the user experience which in turn ensures greater ad reach every month.

Our native ads are designed specifically for publishers who look for performance. With our unique dashboard, publishers can measure all their reach. We add a scientific approach to the ad technology. We have experimented, calculated, and challenged the industry from within and concluded that Native ads are the ones that guarantee maximum revenue. With our AI-driven native ad tags, publishers can boost advertising revenue in no time.

  • We have numerous quality brands that are looking for a spot on your site.
  • All the ad widgets are customizable as per your requirement.
  • Get more awareness, clicks, and create an improved brand image with our native widgets.
  • We cross-check all partners and approve those content that comes from reliable news media and authenticated demand partners.
  • We engage users and keep them coming back. Increase the time on site and pages per session.

Types of Native Ads

Content Recommendations- These native ads appear as recommended articles and content. Generally, they appear below or in the middle of an article which you are currently reading.

In-Feed native ads

In-feed native ads are the most common form of native ad. The main reason for its wide popularity is its “mobile-first” approach and the ability to propel users to the advertisers’ owned media properties.

Search & Promoted Listings- These ads appear at the top of the search engine results when you search for a specific product or service. They may even appear in the sidebar.

In-feed ads- These ads usually appear like social media posts when you scroll down your newsfeed. They are mainly used by Instagram and Facebook.

Content recommendation widgets

Content discovery widgets are placed at the bottom of an article. These are commonly used by publishers to attract users to their site as they get an option to present the user with varieties of content recommendations.

2. Monetization of widgets

Our customizable and zero-maintenance native widgets create appropriate content recommendations that are incorporated on your content pages.  We offer an article widget, sidebar widget, and in-content widget based on the product. By adding our native widgets to your pages, you can instantly start a new revenue stream for your site. We give our publishers the freedom to independently handle their native ad inventory and increase their ad revenue. We guarantee that you will earn extra income.

  • Enhance monetization with new and improved native widgets.
  • Boost your website’s traffic and user engagement.
  • Experience a massive rise in clicks and impressions across your whole publisher inventory.
  • Customize the native widgets and dashboard as per your branding needs.

Get Higher CPMs with Native Ads

Native ads can change how you monetize your app so that you can boost your ad revenue. These ads boost engagement and when people start engaging with ads, publishers start earning high CPMs.

Offer a less disruptive user experience.

Native ads can be created to fit the content in the app, making it less disturbing. A user considers a well-designed native ad as a part of the app experience. This in turn leads to better outcomes for everyone.

 Enhance user retention with your app.

As a publisher, retaining users is the most important thing. One of the common reasons why people uninstall their app is because of obstructing ad formats that affect the user experience badly. When users do not get disturbed by any ads in the app, they come back and prefer using it. Native ads are best when it comes to user retention. Customizing these ads to make them more appropriate increases the possibility of users retaining their engagement.