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Web Stories

1. AMP Web Stories Widget

Attract more site visitors with visually rich, mobile-focused, and monetizable web stories.

Web stories are a web-based edition of the popular “Stories” that combine audio, video, images, text, and animation to create a lively user experience.  This visual presentation allows you to explore content at your own pace by swiping from one to another or by tapping through it.

Where Do AMP Web Stories Appear?

One of the unique things about AMP web stories is they can be viewed across the web.

  • On your site- While Instagram Stories can be viewed on that platform, AMP web stories can be easily hosted on your website. This offers more freedom to publishers over what is included in the story as there are no constraints around content, unlike other apps. It also signifies that the story can be used to drive traffic to your website, and not just kept within social media apps.
  • In Google Search results- One of the main advantages of using AMP stories over social media story formats is their ease of use from the SERPs. These stories can be indexed in the form of a web page and can function as a Google search result.
  • In Online Publications- As web stories are hosted on your servers, it means that the content in it can be used across various digital assets also like digital brochures and emails.
  • On different devices- Though the AMP technology on which the stories are based is designed for mobile devices, AMP stories can be viewed on a tablet, mobile, and desktop. This raises their usage as there is no need to develop desktop-friendly replacements for responsive assets like sites.

We offer AMP web stories widgets for publishers where they can show their stories. Our in-house team has curated and designed stories in English and different Native languages.

Empower your website with AMP technology. Start a visual blog and improve your website’s search rankings by developing visually attractive, fast-loading, and engaging content.

Visually attractive

Using the Web story format, you can keep the heavy text content away and engage your readers with attractive visuals, captivating videos, and animations. As readers prefer graphics over text, the visually attractive web stories fit their requirements perfectly.


Nowadays, users have migrated from desktop to mobile. Web stories are full-screen and can be tapped through the content, giving readers an impressive experience. They are mobile-friendly but look equally attractive on different devices.

Fast loading speed

Users are found to leave a page that does not load fast, which makes high page speed a necessity. As AMP stories are fast-loading, they attract readers. They load instantly, making them attain high scores on the performance metrics.

Web Stories – The Layout of the Future

Web stories will give you a chance to be found by new customers, therefore increasing your online presence. Once Google begins to expand Web Stories, it will significantly impact the content creation market.  With the right mix of the new technologies and improved UX, Web Stories will spice up the Core Web Vitals optimization of your site.

2. Monetization of Web Stories

Web Stories can be monetized with Ad Manager or AdSense. Visual stories are full-screen and impressive. The ads load completely in the background and are shown when the user reaches that specific page in the story.

Visual stories are easy to monetize. Once you have an AdSense account, we will run ads on your site. Google recognizes the content of your website and shows relevant ads. Every time a user clicks on the ads placed on your website; you earn.

In this tough competitive world, it is important to be a front contender in your business. Make your game strong by providing content in the Web Stories style. With Web stories, a major shift in the world of content curation is forthcoming. Are you prepared?